gordon’s london dry gin 37.5%

An absolute classic dry gin, Gordon’s is one of the best selling spirits in the world, and was first created in 1769, and the recipe hasn’t changed since!

gordon’s pink gin 37.5%

Light sweetness of fresh red fruits, with a bite of juniper and coriander underneath. Lingering zesty notes of fresh raspberry go on and on.

Great with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic

bombay sapphire 40.0%

Light and piney juniper, with soft peppery warmth building. Subtle sweetness of sugared almond and angelica develops, still packed with herbaceousness.

bombay bramble 37.5%

Rounded fresh fruit sweetness, balanced by a helping of peppery, woody juniper, plus a hint of citrus cutting through.

Tanqueray export stregnth 43.1%

Perfect balance of four botanicals – juniper, coriander, angelica and liquorice.

Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla 41.3%

Crisp juniper and zesty orange flesh, supported by earthy vanilla and allspice.

bloom gin 40.0%

Named “Bloom” in reference to the floral nature of its botanicals: honeysuckle, pomelo and chamomile. In 2010 it was awarded a Platinum Medal at the World Spirits Competition.

greenall’s wild berry 37.5%

Greenall’s Wild Berry Gin is made by infusing raspberries and British blackberries in Greenall’s Gin, resulting in a fruity twist on their classic recipe.

greenall’s blueberry 37.5%

Juniper and citrus notes make an appearance alongside naturally sweet, fresh and fruity blueberries.

Great With Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic

Hendrick’s gin 41.4%

Big, creamy aromas right off the bat, with a little zesty citrus, juniper, rose petal jelly and cucumber.

Hendrick’s midsummer solstice 43.4%

Wonderfully bright and refreshing, with florals blending brilliantly with earthy juniper and soft spices. This comes alongside classic Hendrick’s elements, including refreshing juniper, rose petal and chamomile.

Great With Fever-Tree Ginger Ale

Whitley Neill Rhubarb & ginger gin 43.0%

Enjoyably fruity on the nose, with rhubarb preserve and baked apple. Hints of leafy herbs grow in the background. Orange, ginger and coriander arrive on the palate, though it’s still dominated by rhubarb. A core of earthy juniper builds. A tangy touch of tartness appears later on, balanced by black pepper and gingerbread.

slingsby Harrogate gooseberry gin 40.0%

Crafted using the world-famous Harrogate aquifer water, pure single grain spirit and locally sourced botanicals synonymous with the restorative nature of the town. Yorkshire gooseberries bring an unmistakable tangy sharpness, tempered with a fruity sweetness whilst retaining the classic citrus notes of our classic award-winning London Dry Gin. Fantastic when paired with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water

Our top pick – Goes great with Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water

cooper king’s dry gin 42.0%

Rich cardamom notes married with juicy citrus and floral layers of local honey deliver a fresh, vibrant gin of exceptional character. . Hand distilled with 100% green energy, before being bottled and labelled at Cooper King Distillery in Sutton On The Forest, Only 5Miles from Easingwold!


fever-tree refreshingly light tonic

Made with natural quinine sourced from the Democratic Republic of Congo, along with a few botanicals including Mexican bitter orange oil. The light tonic uses naturally sourced fruit sugar to balance the quinine bitterness, and is more than ideal for all manner of serves!

fever-tree indian tonic

To achieve the ideal bittersweet flavour profile, quinine from the Democratic Republic of Congo is used alongside bitter orange oil. 

fever-tree ginger ale

Fever-Tree sourced not just one, but three different types of ginger for its Ginger Ale! There’s ginger from India, the Ivory Coast and Nigeria, with each variety bringing a spicy complexity to the mixer.

fever-tree elderflower tonic

The Fever-Tree folks have gone and made their very own Elderflower Tonic Water, featuring essential oils from handpicked elderflowers! Brilliant stuff, and great paired with all sorts of floral gins.

fever-tree Mediterranean tonic

A lovely floral tonic water from Fever-Tree, the Mediterranean expression is made using less quinine and the addition of rosemary and lemon thyme. Wonderfully fragrant, it’s a real winner with both floral and herbaceous spirits.