A Message to all of our customers about our dining experience.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate any table reservations from customers that aren’t staying in the hotel at this time due to a shortfall of chefs in our kitchen.

Both myself and Paul have a true passion for delivering great hospitality in our hotel, however much to our disappointment, we’ve delivered sub-par dining experience in the past week. For this we are sorry. Our love for the hotel, it’s offering and the industry has made this a difficult time for us both. It is truly saddening and upsetting that we are experiencing this problem, as we always aim to go above and beyond for everybody.

We are finding it increasingly difficult to find a new kitchen team, however it would appear that many great businesses are also finding this a great restriction in the current climate.

We will both work as hard as possible to ensure the hotel stays true to its reputation for great food and quality service. I look forward to welcoming everybody back soon; when we’re able to cater for all of our amazing customers with delicious food, fantastic service and great smiles.

We both want to thank you for your patience, understanding and cooperation whilst we navigate the hotel through this difficult time.

Kindest of Regards,

Ewan Whiteside, Assistant Manager